Friday, December 13, 2013

Kubler Christmas Home Tour 2013

Welcome to the Kubler Christmas house. It's my favorite version of our humble abode. This is our 3rd christmas in this home & it cracks me up how much our house has changed since this time last year (our first Christmas in this house was lameeee because we had just moved in) & how my style is more accurately portrayed in our home. Because, you know when you have a 3 month old you don't have much time for decorating your home or finding your style. Our dining room and entry are completely, c o m p l e t e l y different. Maybe by next year we'll have different living room furniture & I'll figure out how I want our kitchen cabinets to be painted or at least paint a fresh new coat of white. What is this? I'm getting way side tracked. Back to the Christmas tour! Onward!

because we went to Bethlehem & to be biblical & accurate, husband made sure I drew the nativity set with no wise men & a cave instead of a barn.

I'd love to see your Christmas home tours! Leave in the comments below;)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

on failing at gifts, adoption, and drooly beads

so funny story, yesterday, for like 3 hours, I researched the crap out of husband's christmas present. But upon realizing we don't have the extra money right now, I decided to wait and just get it for his birthday in Feb. Y'all, I searched for it high and low and found the best deal. I even made husband go into our room with the door shut so I could measure his laptop and current computer bag. You see, husband has a cheap messenger bag. He is also the hardest person in the world to shop for. You think I'm just exaggerating there, but I assure you, I am not. He just wants amazon gift cards all the day long. I finally thought of something he really needed. I even bragged all night about how I was finally going to break my bad gift giving reputation oh shoes.  Yeah, I totally give him shoes every year. It's my default gift.

Then, this morning happened. Husband logged into OUR JOINT AMAZON account and immediately saw his gift in the cart. Hi, my name is idiot. We share a joint amazon account. So that was fun. OH, and husband hid one of my Christmas presents and now can't find it anywhere. I would say it's funny if it wasn't my gift that he lost. #wearenailingchristmasthisyear

So I thought I'd update y'all on our adoption process. A big fat nothing has happened.
still w a i t i n g.

and here are a few photos of C playing in our christmas tree garland bc you know, I can't seem to blog without a few pictures of him thrown in for good measure.
Take us out, C.

Monday, December 9, 2013

tree pickin

First things first, let's all join in a round of hallelujah's that I've now caught up on pretty much all my editing and can now resume blogging. I mean, I'm way behind. ready. 1.2.3. HALLELUJAH!

So, Tree Pickin. Around my house growing up, this day was a major event. All 6 (now 8) siblings would compete over who could find the bestest most greatest most beautifulest tree on the entire lot. Anyways, we've carried this tradition over into our little family. Real trees only for the Kublers. Since Thanksgiving came late this year, we actually got our tree a few days before Thanksgiving. And don't bahumbug me. If I had it my way, we'd be getting it every year before Thanksgiving.
We pick our tree, grab some yummy lunch, head home and decorate the mess out of it all in one evening. And you know Christmas music is drowned out by our imitating voices singing along. Chex mix usually accompanies an ornament in our hands and hot chocolate (if we have it) is steaming close by. It's our "let's kick this season off right" tradition. Our "who cares if Thanksgiving hasn't come yet, we are putting this tree up early dangit" tradition.
This year C was a little more aware of what was happening. He considered us bonkers when we dragged him out in light rain to pick a tree. He considered us even more slightly off our rocker when we put said tree in our living room. He was all like "guys, do you know that's in here. in our living room. why?" He walks by it occasionally hitting a branch and shaking his head no. We've got a real scrooge on our hands, but by golly I'll fix that if it's the last thing I do.
 There's a real art to picking a tree. It never fails every year I like one tree and husband likes another. I'm pretty sure last year husband gave in to mine, so this year I returned the favor. What's that you say? Every tree looks the same? ummmm no mam or sir for any of you are sirs out there (should I be weirded out your reading my blog?? I'll just go with it). They do not. Some are stiff, some loose. Some have needles, some don't. Some smell just like christmas and the others just like an allergy attack waiting to happen. When you get really lucky,  you happen upon that perfect tree. You know, the one that peaks ever so perfectly. It's heavy on the bottom and perfectly proportional on all sides. No gaps for this master of a tree! That's the tree I'm determined to find every year. This year, I wasn't really convinced husband found the tree of all trees, but once we fancied that guy all up, he was perfection. Perfectly filled. Perfectly peaked.
Hopefully, like really, hopefully this is a tradition in your home. If not, get with it and make it one! Just a fun way to start the season off. Dedicate an entire day to the tree decorating.&&&&& be sure to document it!! I can't wait to look back on these images year after year and look at how my children have grown. oh goodness, my sappy soul, look at how tiny C was last year.

Be sure to head over here today. I'm talking tips for starting traditions for your family!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Oh you know, just FREAKING out because my little brother is getting married and I just posted his engagement session over here. How is this happening? He's supposed to still be the annoying kid brother who always blamed me for sneaking snacks. His session is one of my all time favorites, and his Fiance could totally be a model. Ahhh, I'm in love with their session. Can't you tell, I sound like a little kid waking up on christmas morning. I don't even know what I'm saying right now. So. much. excitement.

head over here to see more!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I should win a cookie or something for introducing you to the best stocking stuffer idea since the invention of stocking stuffers

I don't know about you, but stocking stuffers kill me. Picture me, standing there in Walgreens, in the candy aisle, contemplating the right dosage of chocolate and sour to fill up husbands (and next year C's) stocking. I always like putting small wrapped presents down in the stocking, but I always have the h a r d e s t time coming up with good stocking stuffer ideas. I mean, I can only do socks so much.

Anybody out there with me? We can make a club-Stocking Stuffers Anonymous. Meet on Tuesdays.

 If you're anything like me when it comes to filling those stockings with goodies, then keeeeeeep reading because I came up with a genius idea!

For my family, the Christmas season is all about the coming of Christ. The hope we can find in Him because of His birth, His Death, His resurrection, and His coming again. He gives us hope. So why not pass on that hope to someone who needs it. Do you see where I'm going here? You should, because it's way obvious.

Instead of filling the stocking with a flashlight, or finger nail polish, or a cheap toy from the dollar aisle in Target, why not give the gift of hope to someone in honor of your child or husband. Every year,  you could pick a charity or non-profit to donate to in honor of your loved one. Print out a sweet little message, roll it up with ribbon, and stick it down in that stocking. What an insanely great way to teach your children what Christmas is all about and the art of giving to those in need. Such a heart filled tradition! I'm kinda thinking I should win a cookie for coming up with this idea. It's genius, no?

This year why not make that cause Shiloh Shelter. You can read all about it on my friend Nicole's blog. You can help give hope to countless young women, girls, and babies in India this Christmas Season.

Stocking Stuffers this year, NAILED IT! Let's give hope. Go visit and read all about Shiloh Shelter.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

family photos, if you will

So give me just a moment to be a real, total debbie downer. I was really hoping this year that we'd be holding two babes in our arms for our Christmas cards. I put off our family photos as long as I could in hopes that by some miracle we'd get the call from our adoption agency and our son would be waiting. But, that just hasn't happened yet. I mean, our film (similar to the one on my sidebar over there ---->, but a little different and posted on our agency's site) hasn't even gotten any hits in weeks. bummmmmmer. Still praying for a Christmas miracle though. The Lord's timing is sometimes not my own, but always better.

I'm holding out on hiring a photographer to capture our growing family until we do receive our next son, so I took these before one of my recent sessions. Actually, I set the camera settings and directed my sister and she took the ones of the three of us. Good job Linny!
although I feel like a member of our family is missing from these, I'm incredibly thankful for the two boys I have in my life right now. They bring unmeasurable amounts of joy to my life.