Wednesday, December 4, 2013

family photos, if you will

So give me just a moment to be a real, total debbie downer. I was really hoping this year that we'd be holding two babes in our arms for our Christmas cards. I put off our family photos as long as I could in hopes that by some miracle we'd get the call from our adoption agency and our son would be waiting. But, that just hasn't happened yet. I mean, our film (similar to the one on my sidebar over there ---->, but a little different and posted on our agency's site) hasn't even gotten any hits in weeks. bummmmmmer. Still praying for a Christmas miracle though. The Lord's timing is sometimes not my own, but always better.

I'm holding out on hiring a photographer to capture our growing family until we do receive our next son, so I took these before one of my recent sessions. Actually, I set the camera settings and directed my sister and she took the ones of the three of us. Good job Linny!
although I feel like a member of our family is missing from these, I'm incredibly thankful for the two boys I have in my life right now. They bring unmeasurable amounts of joy to my life.

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