Friday, December 13, 2013

Kubler Christmas Home Tour 2013

Welcome to the Kubler Christmas house. It's my favorite version of our humble abode. This is our 3rd christmas in this home & it cracks me up how much our house has changed since this time last year (our first Christmas in this house was lameeee because we had just moved in) & how my style is more accurately portrayed in our home. Because, you know when you have a 3 month old you don't have much time for decorating your home or finding your style. Our dining room and entry are completely, c o m p l e t e l y different. Maybe by next year we'll have different living room furniture & I'll figure out how I want our kitchen cabinets to be painted or at least paint a fresh new coat of white. What is this? I'm getting way side tracked. Back to the Christmas tour! Onward!

because we went to Bethlehem & to be biblical & accurate, husband made sure I drew the nativity set with no wise men & a cave instead of a barn.

I'd love to see your Christmas home tours! Leave in the comments below;)

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