Thursday, October 31, 2013

A mummy and his mummy

every year, our church helps with our towns Fall Festival. There's always thousands of people, fair food, games, chili cook off, old people singing. We always work the festival, but this year we did Trunk or Treat as well. Nothing more creepy than grown men asking if you want candy out of their trunk.. I kid, I kid. Actually, I think it's kinda a genius idea for churches & event like this! 

 I knew I wanted to dress C up, but buying a costume just wasn't in the questions.. $30 bucks for a few days wear.. no thank you. So, following my mother's tradition of always making our costume, I made C into a mummy. Total it cost me under ten bucks. I bought a yard of fabric from Walmart for 3 bucks, some tights, and sports tape. His costume looked way better before we left the house & when he would let me put his head wrap on.... but real life happened and the kid squirmed, and the fabric bunched together & he ripped the wrap off his head.

Alas, I still think he was one darn cute mummy...
 ^^I know, right? adorable.
 ^^C discovered suckers that day. we're in trouble.
I can't believe he's mine. And that I get to be his mummy.... see what I did there? lame, hilarious. I know:) 

And because it's funny...

Halloween post C... I mean, his tininess... slays me.

I hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! For now, tonight's plans include staying at home, watching a scary movie, & passing out candy to the kids who braved the rain.  I just don't think C can make his little legs walk to all the houses. So pumped for that next year! 

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